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I'm incredibly turned on by my daughter's friend

I need to share my feelings with someone, because I can't actually share my feelings with anyone.

My daughter has a friend who spends a lot of time around our house. She is always incredibly friendly with me, and she likes to slyly flirt with me.

She's always wearing impossibly short shorts around here, and her shirts are also skimpy and leave little to the imagination.

The thing is, I'm married and I'm also nearly 30 years older than her, so I can't have these feelings for her. Also, I wouldn't want to embarrass my daughter either, so I have to be incredibly careful around her. I sneak casual glances at my daughter's friend's body when no one is looking, and I find the occassional excuse to touch her, such as to help her out of my vehicle or to help her up the stairs into my house.

Every time she visits, as soon as she leaves I have to go to the bathroom and jack off.

Inside, I feel horrible about this. I mean, what would my wife or daughter think if they ever found out?

This last time, my daughter had her friend spend two nights over here, and I so desperately wanted to sneak into my daughter's room and watch her friend sleeping because it was a hot evening and she was probably barely in underwear. I couldn't help but masterbate several times over the last two days while thinking about what I would like to do to that girl.

The worst part is that she's only 15 years old, but she has the body of a 19 year old.

I just really hate myself that I can't stop thinking about how much I would love to take her virginity and how I would just die for the opportunity to bury my face between her legs and drink her sweet pussy juices.

What is wrong with me??

God knows I would never actually act on my desires, but my fantasies about this girl are so vivid... I just desperately long to know what it would feel like to have her accept my cock inside her. I think it would be so amazing to hold her naked body against mine, to feel her small soft breasts and to touch her little round ass.

God, I'm just so thankful that my wife and daughter can't read my mind. If you could serve time for having inappropriate sexual thoughts about a teenage girl, I'd be in jail for multiple lifetimes.

Really though, I don't think anyone could blame me for my thoughts. Like I said, she flirts like crazy and wears the most revealing clothes around me. Man, what I wouldn't give just to have the opportunity to strip her naked and tenderly kiss her naked body all over... God, I'm so horny right now thinking about that girl that I think that I'm going to have to jack off again.

Anyhow, I know that this is a long post, and if you're still reading, thanks for letting me share my inappropriate feelings with you. Now to deal with this massive hard-on...

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Re: I'm incredibly turned on by my daughter's friend

Part of me feels like this is a joke.

And if it's not, maybe casually drop hints that you're not interested. I mean, you obviously are but as an adult, it's your responsibility to do the right thing. If she persists I'd try and be more obvious that you're not interested. Maybe pull her aside and say her actions are inappropriate.

This post was vomit inducing. I just had a large curry with turmeric rice so just imagine the colour it will be when it comes out of my stomach with all the bail mixed in. That’s who you are. I vomit on you, you child rapist.

Are you thinking it’s okay to screw your daughter’s friend who is clearly a minor because she looks like she wants it? The phuck is wrong with you? She isn’t flirting with you, you phuck shit.

You are one of those men who screws around on your wife and then call the others sluts, so you don’t have to be emotionally available. “Well you’re loose so I can’t be serious about you.” You think you’re clever. Your plan is, when she gives you a hand job and then decides to call you too often on the phone, you will tell her that she is a child and she needs to grow up.

Because you know that a grown ass woman would never put up with your phuckery, so you’ve decided to deflower a child. Because you think they’re easy to control. You phuck and when you’re done, and the girl acts all sticky and needy, you look at her with a stern expression and go, “I’m an adult so you have to do as I say.”

Also, in other news, if you touch that girl you will automatically be committing statutory rape. I really want you to write your shitty thoughts somewhere, so that someone can put you in jail where you belong.

Dude, imagine how you would feel if your daughter's father see and thinks the same way about YOUR DAUGHTER.

When he ogles at your daughter in her seemingly innocent shorts/dress because she feels safe and doesn't have worry about EXACTLY this kind of thoughts.

Even if you're daughter frnd is flirting with you , she is kid for god's sake no better for your daughter's sake,

Everytime you have this kind of thoughts imagine your daughter and ur daughter's friend father.

That should cool you off!