I'm just a girl

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I want to grow up.

Do things.

Travel the world.

I don't want to spend the rest of my life like my mom.

Getting yelled at.

Being controlled.

Abusive husband.

But that's just how it is.

What can I do?

I've told her to stand up for herself.

She got beat for that.

My father didn't speak to her nor I for a week.

He's always right.

That's what he says.

He doesn't care about anything.

Unless it benefits him.

All of my achievements.

Straight A's.

National level band.

Don't matter.

I work so hard.

And he doesn't care.

He's not like this to my brother.

My father loves him.

The golden child.

Can't do anything wrong.

Failing his classes.

"He's just a boy"

"That's how boys are"

"I'm proud of him for trying"

But nothing I do is ever right.

"you're too slow"

"too fat"

"eat less"

"you need to eat more"

"stop crying, you're ruining my mood"

What can I do?


So I cry.

A lot.

I hate looking in the mirror.

I'm ugly when I cry.

What can I do?

I want to leave.

They tell me to leave.

They say another family will abuse me more.

Then I'll see how good I had it.

I don't believe them.

I could tell someone.

But they'll never believe me.

My father will convince them otherwise.

Then I'll get beat.


And Again.

What can I do?

I'm just a girl.

I shouldn't have to do this.

Why can't we be a happy family?

It's not fair.

Its not fair.

I've considered suicide.

But what happens if I fail?

I'll be shamed.

And beat.

I'll have no more control over little things.

What can I do?

Can someone tell me?

I'm just a girl.

I'm just a girl.

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