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I’m just so... nothing

I’ve been thinking recently… I’ve gotten in trouble for not doing my schoolwork but every time I try I just feel nothing. My mom blames it on me being lazy but I can’t help it. I try so hard every day to do something but I can’t, I don’t know why but I just can’t. I wish I could explain but I don’t know. I’m too afraid to ask my mom for help, because part of me believes she won’t believe me. I wish I could describe whatever I’m going through but I truly do not know. I don’t even really know when the last time I was truly happy was, so I don’t know if I’m happy or not. It’s just so hard to be the happy person everyone thinks I am, and believe me I wish I was, it is just so hard all the time. I think I’m falling into something inside myself that I don’t think I can get out of. I’ve just been sad, if it even counts as sad, I’m not happy, so may even I’m just nothing.