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I’m kind of envious of happy people

I had things go on in my life that have made me look at my story differently than others. I had trashed shape my perspective and bless me with a realization that one should account for all the things you •• don’t •• have as well as the things you do.

My lifetoday really isn’t bad enough to be sad about. I look out my window and see normal happy people with lives. So full of purpose and free of anxiety, or sadness. It’s not that I don’t have that I just wounder how it would be to be them

to be honest I want to wake up knowing I’ve just moving on from those thoughts completely but that’s not in my power. I simply can’t just move forward-that wouldn’t really be human—It’s just part of human nature to the to continue to feel bummed out at what misfortunes took all from me that others take for granted.

can you blame someone who lost an opportunity from still feeling like they should keep pinning for it? wanting to be a part of something They weren’t?

can you blame a girl who’s mother passed away for looking at a family and feeling sorry for herself

can you blame an boy who lost his leg feeling sadness come over him when he’s reminded he is legless

some people are not as fortunate and they know about the discipline and burden of having lost something you cannot get back

Still, Why not dream someone will let you in on a bit of how it is to have that kind of life that thing that you once lost/ don’t quite Understand but really wish you could.

i want to be my best self to be better off but that I can not ensure myself that type of fortune, I don’t have better I only have this self pity and a missing piece or two. I am misfortuned. End of discussion •••

woundering makes me feel like I really do want to be complete and thank myself for making myself feel as complete as I do and I take that with a grain of salt.

Trust me I wish that they cared about people that ha e it worse more than I wish I was them, ignorance makes it feel even more like it’s not okay. Like you have it worse and u always will.and idk

like your expected to get over it and suck it up.But you know, that rate quality of knowing where you stand makes us Truly special .

— fin

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Re: I’m kind of envious of happy people

Heheheheheheheeh in sorry there’s a typo : rate not rate Lol apologies I hope you got something big from this story..............

-the author



sorry for the confusion there’s a typo in the last paragraph : rare not rate Lol apologies I hope you got something from this and that you were able to relate if you could.

-the Actual Author 


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