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I'm kinda pissed at my mom

So, today like a normal family, me, my brother and my mom were in the same room just talking you know. Making fun of each other, talking about family problems blah blah blah. Then my mom starts talking about how girls and boys are discriminated. And somehow the topic goes to how my mom treats me and my brother equally or not. She says that she scolds my brother a lot more than she scolds me. So in my head I'm like well that's good for me lol. Who wants to get scolded?

Then she says she doesn't understand why she does that. Is it because I'm younger? No. Apparently it's because I'm sensitive. I take everything personally and she feels bad to scold me. I hate that.

I know. I know that I am sensitive and I know I take everything personally. I cry over small things and I am very very emotional. It's true. But she doesn't scold me because she feels bad. I am absolutely pissed at that. Now I wish she would scold me knowing this is the reason why she doesn't. Like wtf? I'm not even sure if that is something to be pissed about but I am. I hate that. Am I pissed at something like that because I'm sensitive?

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Re: I'm kinda pissed at my mom

Here's what I do. I obey my mummy absolutely. I let her control me completely. I love it. I don't have my own thoughts. I do anything and everything what mummy says. Without judgement or questioning. Give it a go, you could find it a pleasure to obey the commends of your parents.

It's very honourable (UuU)

I on the other hand really enjoy it!