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im lonely

recently, i just cut ties with one of my best friends. almost all, with the exception of one, of my other friends have become almost nothing more than acquaintances at this point, as we never talk except every once in a while to compliment a post one of us made or something like that. my girlfriend has been very busy these days, and we only get to talk for about 5-10 mins a day and then it's back to silence for the next 20 hours. my life has gotten so lonely recently and i miss having people to talk to and spend time with. it doesn't help that leaving the house right now is not the best idea, so there's really nothing to do, and now no one to talk to. i'd say the person i miss the most is my girlfriend, because talking to her makes a bad day good, and seeing her makes it even better. i'd gotten so used to talking to her all day and night 7 days a week that when she gets too busy to talk to me these days, i can't help but feel lonely. idk, i just needed to let my thoughts out