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I'm lonely

I don't do this much, but I'm lonely. Please talk to me. I want a meaningful conversation, not stuff about what you like or dislike etcetera. I like astrology and writing novels. I have no friends. I'm based in HK, but I can speak English like a mother tongue.

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Re: I'm lonely

I’m beautiful. I can’t go anywhere without being stared at. When I talk people love my voice & walk up trying to talk. I look like a super hero so they think I’m mentally strong.

But I have autism & am a 12 yr old in an adult body. Inside I’m scared of all of you & I cry.

Women used me for sex. They biologically wanted to have sex with me. But due to immaturity they didn’t want me.

There’s you a book idea. Find high functioning autistics in Hong Kong. Then kids. Then lower functionality disabled adults. Write about them.

I used science to prove God is real. I come from atheist family but most became Christian because of me. They’d become nicer & cause another to convert. Now almost everyone is Christian.

I don't really know much about astrology but if you have something to share about Pisces because it's mh\y zodiac and I am curious, maybe we can start there?

And I think cliche novels are kind of interesting in a way when you can't determine what the ending might be. Like, everything else is the same but the ending kinda interest me despite it being kind of the same as other stories, there are experiences that the characters go through that's a little different from other stories and that makes me want to read. What do you think of cliche stories?