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I'm losing

I am losing.

I no longer have motivation to try. I have lost myself, it’s killing me. I no longer feel anything I should, when I should be happy I’m not, I’m not sure why but I do. I’m scared t live but at the same time I’m scared to die. I’m always told I need to get better at this or become this or that and that I’m better than this and that I’m not reaching full potential. I’ve lost friends, I’ve found what I felt was love but I got hit with a complete 180 from the other person. I’ve come to hate what I see in the mirror. I just don’t want anything anymore. There’s no appeal to trying. But time keeps flying by, and I can’t keep up. I’ve been lost. Everything is in my head. My dad keeps telling me my friends will keep passing me by and that I’ll be alone eventually. I don’t want that. But my best isn’t satisfactory and all I’ve become is all I don’t do. I am not enough, for anyone, and when I am I am too much, either way they’ll leave, and one of my greatest fears is to be alone, and it seems that fear is the only future I have now. I hate it, I hate it all. I'm in high school damnit, and my heart and soul feel so old.

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Re: I'm losing

Heyy life must be tough for u right now and i can relate to you.

You know what, u don't have to be perfect for someone else, you don't need to live like a robot making someone else control you. You are your own leader and u have the rights to live according to yourself. And the ones who left you, were just unlucky to leave a special person like you and they were just ✨ fake✨

You need noone else in your life as long as you love yourself and believe yourself! You are perfect as you are and after reading your thoughts, i think that you are a special one☆

Just take a deep breath and give time for yourself, for your heart. And yea remember, even tho we don't know each other, I AM ROOTING UP FOR U♡♡

just don't give up on your life and fight back coz you ARE strong;))