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I'm mad

For Thanksgiving I was supposed to see my family in another state but we ended up not going because my unlce and grandpa got covid. But then literally like two weeks later my family gets covid, somehow. So we are currently quarentining and almost over it and my mother had said that hopefully we could visit the family for christmas, so I was excited for that. I hadn't seen this family in a while, and they just got a new house so I wanted to see that too. But just now I heard my mother talking with my father about not going and she doesnt care if we go or not this year. One of her reasons was to not miss more days off in December, which I can understand, but i dont think she realizes how much I really wanted to go and for her to say that she doesnt care if we go or not hurts me because I want to go SO BAD and it would be so fucking dumb to not go because everyone would finally be healed and we wouldn't have to worry about covid so much since we'll have immunity for a while. So if anything there has never been a better time to go. And I've literally been looking foward to this trip for months and she knows that. But I also feel like she's lying to herself about not caring because in thanksgiving she cried because she wanted to go but the family said not to so that we wouldn't get covid, so I know she wanted to go and I think she's only acting like she doenst care now so that she doesn't get hurt again if it doesn't work out.