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I’m muslim and let a boy bend me over at uni

He’s the reason I have a problem with masturbating now.

We touched each other when it was dark at night in street corners too and the park.

But the last time we did before we broke up was at uni and he ended up stripping me fully naked at the fire escape staircase.

He told me to bend over then put his fingers inside me after things escalated and he wanted to try different positions with me.

I didn’t suck his dick, but I gave it a little peck because I was too scared as it’s not permitted in my religion.

We didn’t have actual sex because I’m waiting till marriage.

Even just touching each other before marriage is against my religion, but I was so horny and curious. I just wanted to feel good.

I regret it because now I’m addicted to touching myself. Ugh

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Re: I’m muslim and let a boy bend me over at uni

Im so sorry for what happened to you. I know that it must have been very upsetting for you.

However you should know that its perfectly normal to enjoy touching yourself. Masturbation is a healthy expression of self-love.

I know that it is probably frowned upon in your religion but theres really nothing with it.

Dont let that experience turn you off from boys though. Youll find someone that respects you and your faith and will help you explore your sexuality consensually.

Im praying for you.

Thank you for your reply! I wasn’t forced into doing it oops I didn’t mean to make it sound like that. I just have a lot of regrets.

if anyone else reads this story, please let me know if you’re Muslim and how you’ve dealt with this conflicted state of mind, thank you so much xx