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I’m no good enough :(

My mom had a stroke and almost died and I didn’t know why cause she’s not that old at all but she used to have seizures all the time and I thought it was because she had bad anxiety cause that’s what she told me but turns out it was because she does drugs and I feel like it’s all my fault cause I’m not good enough for her and now she can barley walk talk and just like function right and she thinks we Abanded her cause we can’t see her in the hospital cause of corona

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Re: I’m no good enough :(

i am really sorry to hear that

that must be hard for you but dont blame yourself its not you fault

everyday people have a a lot of choices to make and they are the ones responsible for the consequences of their actions.

you can only be with her and support her.

but don’t blame yourself it wont do anything good not to you not your mom

you should be strong right now for both of you.

love u please stay strong and safe.