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I’m nobody’s first choice

I’m nobody’s first. I don’t have that many friends and I’m nobody’s best friend. And I don’t have a best friend either Bc what’s the point of calling someone your best friend if you’re not theirs? Even with my ex bf. I know he’d choose his girl best friend over me in a heartbeat. Kinda burns When nobody thinks of you as their first. I have this group of friends but, I don’t think I belong with them. I’ve never clicked with any of them and I always feel like a burden when I’m with all of them. They don’t say it but I can feel it. And it doesn’t feel right when I’m with them. I just want to be somebody’s first. I want somebody to just want me and only me. I just wish I had more loyal people. I don’t wanna be afraid of getting replaced or always have in the back of my head that they’re better off without me. I don’t want that, I just want to feel wanted. 

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Re: I’m nobody’s first choice

Im in the same situation atm. I have come to a realization that i will always have myself. that at the end of the day everyone could leave you and i will always be there for myself. Friends and family are there, but you have to put yourself first. Love every bit of you. You are beautiful, stunning, and lovable. I would choose you anyday. Love you. xxx