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im not enough for anyone

i was never enough. i did my best to be a better daughter, friend, girlfriend but no one chose me first.

but i always did i choose myself everyday

i try not to care about others

but for how long?

my two and only best friends literally left me out of everything.

i asked one of them to hang out weeks before and also days before and she said she is busy with her exams but she literally hangs out with her other friends everyday.

it bothered me so much i stopped texting her and asking how is she until she told me one day about whats going on.

she was going through hard time and forgot all and helped her as much as i could. still i am not the one she hangs out today.

its sad because i love them so much i try to do everything i can for them and i want to receive the same attention back. i dont remember the last time i shared something personal. they just didnt make me comfortable enough so i will tell something.

its sad because i shared my favorite music with her, i canceled my planes so she can come over and talk to me cuz she is feeling down, i dont watch my favorite show’s next episode so she can call and talk, i every time ask her to call or come over if she needs to talk.

i never even got that offer whenever i was sad and told them about that asked them if we can meet they were busy.

u get that there are things that u cant cancel just to meet me but friendship wont work if i will be the only one sacrificing myself...