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I'm Not Sad I'm Happy I Don't Know Why...?

So...All the time i call my classmates "friends" but they are not my friends.Every body in my school bully me...I don't know why i just trying my best to be okay...Then year's later i meet someone on internet we speak for months we see each other faces voice he was my first friend but day's and day's he start don't respond me text me he doesn't play with me and we stopped texting and speak then i start thinking why he start doing that I'll remember we said he doesn't remember me,he lied to much ( hes not good liar... ) so notice that he was lying to me all the time and I'm not who can be sad so i start getting alone again doing thing make me look like hear's music talk with myself do sports and play games all the time i start thinking him but i shut my mind to don't remember him and I'm not sad because i don't friend so i decide to be alone all the time and when you are alone you can control your self you don't have to hear other people voice you can decide thinks that you think is true and i was to much scared because i don't want to be alone but know i love that...I'm fine im happy all the time