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I’m not sure if my mom is a toxic person but now that I’m reading this I think she is but Idk jdjsls help :<

My parents are “good” generally, but there’s some things that pissed me off a lot, specially my mom.

So, my mom is pretty hypocrite, she seems very nice and my friends always tell me “wow your mom is so cool and funny” and that’s the image she wants to portray. But when no one is watching her she likes to judge everyone, talk bullshit about people with her friends and always criticizing. Another thing is that if x thing doesn’t fit her standards or is not what she likes, then that can’t happen. She loves sooo much to control people in a passive/aggressive way. Obviously she can’t do that to everybody, but yes she can with me, her daughter. She loves to decide what kind of hair do I want, what kind of decoration I can have or not, what kind of clothes I can wear (this is the biggest one), and a large list of etc. It’s pretty selfish in a way that she buys a exaggerated amount of things for her that aren’t necessary (let me clarify that I’m not the type of daughter that loves to ask for things a lot, I don’t even ask for anything bc I feel like I’m spending money that can be use for other things). But when I do it JUST ONCE she ignored my ass and never do anything. Or put the famous excuse of “there is no money” GIRL what the hell do you do with the money that MY dad GIVE you for OUR stuff, our WELL-BEING.

There is a lot, a lot, A LOT of reasons that I think she is pretty toxic, (like the way she literally rejected me for being confuse for liking girls and then you see her hanging out with gay friends that she has) but yeah, can someone give me advices or any type of help? thanks for reading 🤍

PD: sorry if my english wasn’t very good, it isn’t my first language and I’m practicing jjsdojd

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Re: I’m not sure if my mom is a toxic person but now that I’m reading this I think she is but Idk jdjsls help :<

Hi! Personally I believe your mom may be a bit of a narcissist though it isn't something to die for, not that complex but these are the vibes I am getting. Like she somehow believes it's ok if others do it but not if her kid does it, wants to be pampered but not pamper etc. But also maybe that is your point of view and I'd have to be a third-party observer to actually know if any of these things I assumed are true, or just your own point of view.