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I’m not sure my girlfriend really loves me.

I’m afraid about my relationship. It’s almost been a year and I love her dearly, but we’re long distance and I can’t be sure she truly loves me. I’ve been cheated on in every single relationship I’ve been in while this is her first relationship. She had asked me out only 4 or 5 days after her previous crush had gotten into a relationship. I’m scared that she just thinks she likes me. We rarely talk outside of our group chat with my best friend. She could be 100% sure she doesn’t like me but because this is her first relationship she doesn’t know/is too guilty to break it off. We don’t even call. I want to express this, at least to my best friend maybe (she’s basically our 3rd girlfriend since she makes the decisions because we’re too disaster ours to, but she’s not actually in it-) But at the same time I know she’d tell my girlfriend and I am not mentally or emotionally stable enough to have that conversation. I’m just a fucking mess and my brain is a whirlwind.

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Re: I’m not sure my girlfriend really loves me.

hey :) i just want to remind you that communication is key in a relationship. you shouldn’t be with someone you can’t communicate with and don’t depend on someone else to fix your relationship problems. although this is her first relationship, i’m sure it’s not the first time she’ll express her feelings. just ask her how she feels about the relationship and about you. ask her if she thinks this relationship is worth it and if she’s in it for the long run. don’t be with someone who only wants to be with you temporarily. just talk to her :)