im ok :)

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why is it always me. i feel like i have no reason to be sad. my lifes perfect. my family loves me. i have friends. i have a crush. i have money. i go to school. everythings perfect. so why is it that i just wanna see my wrist bleed and wanna cry. why do i get critisized on everything: eating tooo much, eating too little, being fat, being skinny, being clingy, being distanced. why is it that im the one always having to reach out and if i stop then im cut off from the world left alone. why is it that im too much of a mf pussy to just say i like her, why does she pick the bitch that abuses her and cheats on her. i have nothing to say about this one, my money just floats away to worthless crap that i dont need so i dont have enough for what i do need. fuck my school, everyone there is toxic and if your slightly out of line...or even not a straight line :(....your abused and everyone makes fun of you. im sick of pretending to be ok :) can someone give me some advice or just talk. :/

~female under 18 :)