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I'm pretty sure I'm a narcissist

I always look down on others but I have a savior complex and I make myself look like super nice but that's only because the compliments make me feel great about myself because other people are legit succeeding and being super nice but I do it because it makes other people like me more. i dont know who's approval I want but I need it to like myself. I want to tell someone but I'm afraid theyll hate me or be like "no you're not! you've always been so nice to me" And like, I cant stand it when people say the smallest thing about me like how I judge people. I hate them so much because I dont want people to think I'm a bad person. I think I use boys for attention and like I'm somewhat pretty but there are prettier girls and like, this one girl I know lost 50 pounds and now like im super pissed that she put in the effort and did that because now I look fat. I just dont want people to not like me