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I'm really confused

Days are blurring together. It's getting harder to even know what I'm doing or why I'm trying to do anything. Is my life actually worth something or am I just a little speck in an ever flowing river of time. I've lost track of everything. I have no goals. I don't even know what the point of having a goal is. I'm not exactly depressed about this either I'm mostly just scared. I don't want to exist without a purpose but I feel like my existence holds no purpose. Why should I do anything? In the long run what part do I play and does anyone in this world even play a part in anything? Why was I given a consciousness? What's the point of being aware that I exist? I want to believe that I'm here for a reason but I'm scared that I'm just trying to reassure myself that I'm not here for no reason. I wish I was imortal. I'd have eternity to figure out the answers to everything. If there is a God I wonder if that's what he's doing too just trying to figure out what to do with eternity.