Im sad

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Heyyyy dunno if anyone would read this but yea, im sad. Im really really bad at making friends. I only got like 3 friends and theyre all from school. I tried discord, spoiler i FAILED... Well twice. But when i try to talk to others it just feel helpless you know? That feelin in your chest just weighs you down to the point where youre just too anxious to even think about what to say. So most times i just.... stop trying. i try, i swear i try so much but most times i reach that point of starting, and i freeze. my mouth stops, i stop the keyboard and i just cant go on. I back out. Friendships are hard. I just feel so dumb and like bad at this.. yknow? Im sorry if i ruined your day, i just needed someone to hear me out....but, thank you :)

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