I'm scared.

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I'm scared of her. I am so so scared of her. I don't care too much that she'll just me physically or mentally but I get really scared when she threatens my brothers. One is 5 and the other is 12. I know she purposely threatens their lives just to scare me but it's working. I'm scared that one day she'll actually kill them. I mean she has no problem with hurting us.

She used to hit us with broomsticks, water hoes, wooden spoons, she used to throw us with stuff, etc.

She only hits us with her hand now because my dad is home almost every day.

I want to get away so badly but I'm so scared of leaving them alone with her. I told my dad about everything but he's a wimp when it comes to her.

I just don't wanna see them get hurt anymore. Please. Just tell me what I can do...

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