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I'm scared

So I've always been a fat teenage girl and to be honest I don't really care about that. Before, when they always notice my size, it's not really bothering me because, I love eating, period. But this past few months a lot of my relatives noticed that my tummy is not gaining fat normally, because it protruding and looks bloated and they now always tend to say that I look pregnant, that not much of a bother too, and sometimes I'm riding with it by saying that I'm on my 4th month of pregnancy and something like that, but when you hear it frequently by the people around you, it's starting to get offending. My mom, now decided that we should go see a doctor...and I'm really scared of what's about to come. I mean, I'm not feeling any pain or anything but the fact that it became a bother to them makes me bother about it more, plus I did the forbidden thing, I googled about it, and that doesn't help one bit.

I just tell the context but what I really wanna know, is that, should I look on the brighter side and got disappointed of what's about to come, or just stick to the negative side because in that way, maybe I'll be disappointed but at least I expected it, so the disappointment and sadness won't be that hard to take. I'm so nervous and this won't go away until the check up is over. Prayer is the only thing that can console my fear right now.

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Re: I'm scared

"It's starting to get offending" ......Well like...YEAH...Hello?..Dont blame ya one bit for any derrogatory come backs.You sound like an intellegent young lady so being this "being" called a TEEN, Im sure your know about the mish mashing of hormonal conglomarency (HEY! I think made up a new word?..LOL), that bees happenin w'ya right now. Were ya this way at 7-11?..Im so glad you,ve ALSO realized that lookin ANYTHING medical up on the net ....IS a bad idea. Gosh, I knew a lil girl in 8th grade that fits what your describing but she kinda had pudgey arms and thighs to go along with it. The face?mmm? alittle I guess (she was a cutie pie and I was smitten..LOL). Back then, we werent so "worldly"and didnt judge so harshly like you teens do today, so she honestly wasnt "singled out" that much. Anyway, long story short, by 18, when all the mish -mashing had settle a bit, she wasnt a twig by no means BUT, she just kinda naturally "re proportioned" I guess would be a good word...Gotta alittle taller. ( I stayed about the same lil dweeb..LOL) and that stomach that kinda, like you say, protruded out a bit, was gone. Lookin back, and being 50 million yrs older now, knowing what I know now, I think ALOT of fluid was in that short lil body?.. She was in the book/literary club (brainy chick alert..LOL) and didnt play any sports, hated gym so??? Anyway, I certainly hope there no real cause for alarm here, but I wanna be hopeful so I implore ya to not worry till we find out IF?... theres something to worry about?....Sound like a plan?..Geez , I remember one of my cousins getting the "badgering" much like your recieving but HE didnt take it as well as you and would act out by breaking things, cussing the old folks out. Im glad your taking, for the most part, the old folk's shaming w/ grain of salt and hittin them with your come backs ( I could think of some good "cutting comebacks" , but dont wanna be a bad influence on ya..LOL) Yeah...Im assuming the PCP doc appointment has already made so lets just follow thru with it, being concerned, maybe alittle naturally anxious, but staying focused and ready to deal ,head on, ( facing the unknown.. done a plenty of times over the yrs) IF...it turns out there is a problem...(STAY OFF GOOGLE...LOL).. Write more if its helping? Keep us informed when ya know more..