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Im scared.

Im actually crying while writing this right now. I dont know why it’s so necessary for my teacher to make us include our family members in dance video when we’re already drowning with so many subjects that we have to review for. It’s so unfair.

My parents are both busy, my brother doesnt want to dance with me. So i grouped with other people, but they wont even tell me what we’re going to be dancing. Those people had a history of making fun of me but i have no choice :’) They called me fat (what’s so wrong with being chubby?) and ugly (what’s so wrong about being dark?) but i dont really have a choice but to dance with them. If they dont tell me the steps, im going to look so stupid. :’( i dont want that. Im not good at dancing either- I have the most rigid freaking bones.

Im so scared. I really hate that my teacher didnt even consider the possibility of someone not having a person to dance with.

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4 months ago

Re: Im scared.

I can highly relate to this.

I was (and still am) a really quiet, introverted kid in school. On top of that I got bullied too. So I almost never managed to fit well in a group or be able to find one on my own.

Luckily my teachers were often nice enough not to pair me up with people who bullied me, which me and my mom did make an agreement over when I started school.

So maybe you could try to explain to your teacher that these people are setting you up to fail and that you'd like to get transferred into another group or want an alternative so you could do this thing on your own or with people you like and trust.

If the teacher is one of those inconsiderate assholes who won't help you out of this situation, honestly, I'd call in sick or say you have some kind of appointment you need to get to the day of showing the dance. Even if you get caught lying, I'd rather have detention than get embarrassed while presenting the dance.

Also as a fellow chubby girl, there's nothing wrong with it! Being dark is and should never be a problem too. I don't know exactly how you look of course, but I am sure you are absolutely beautiful in your own way. As long as you are comfortable in your own body, that's all that matters.

I hope I helped you a little <3