I'm scared. Help me

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I've been dating this guys for 3 months. He's so gorgeous and different than other guys. He understands me totally. Honestly, I couldn't ask for a better guy iml. Recently, I discovered something very shocking. He knows everything about me, which I thought at first that he pays so much attention to me. He's always one step ahead. He never invites me to his home. We've hung out in my place and outside. One thing I always didn't like about him though is when someone behaves rudely with me even if it's my friend, he'd be so angry and scary. I asked him not to so he stopped. He said he doesn't know his family cause he's an orphan. When I finally started picking up clues, I noticed two people got injured after they had a fight with me. Maybe it's coincidental, idk. Last night, I insisted on going to his home. He rarely says no to me. So we did. His house is really neat and beautiful. I know he's rich but it's something else. I don't know what I was thinking, while he was out in the morning to work out. I went to his garage. I found my belongings I didn't even know I lost there. My photos from before I even knew him. He used to stalk me from what I gather. I even found a freezer filled with blood bags, he used to work in a hospital which makes sense. But why would he need bloodbags though? I'm sure he's a psychopath. I don't know if a psychopath can love anyone, but sure as he'll he's obsessed with me. But I'm also sure that I'm in love with him. It sounds like a stupid movie but idk. What should I do? I don't want to break up or make him know that I know about him. I'm scared.

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