im seriously at my breaking point, im in desperate need for help.

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my dad turns my phone off everynight at exactly 9:30. he has now turned my MESSAGES off so i cannot contact anyone and he knows i get reallly bad suicidal thoughts and stress, and the only thing that helps is being able to contact people. he yells at me everyday and tells me "if you dont do this ur gonna end up like ur brother" or "you dont wanna end up like your brother right? then i suggest u do it" (my brother is a drug addict that i miss hella) and he knows that the topic of my brother hurts me deeply because i wish to never become him and because drugs are more important to him than his own sister, idk what to do because i feel so trapped but whatever i say or do its a mistake and then he just says "i just want the best for you" when all he does is put me through hell everyday.

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