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I'm sick of it

I'm the type of person who will joke about their problems instead of seeking help or talking it out. My friends are sort of like that too. My friends are good, don't get me wrong, but i'm just sick of their constant yelling.. we're the loud friend group. we swear a lot but I'm starting to get sick of it. My mum, my friends all they do is yell and swear and its been pissing me off. I just want them to stop for five minutes and talk nicely. Normally i'd be fine with it but recently my friend has been swearing at me and yelling over the top of me. It hurts, it makes me feel like I don't matter. And i'm sick of my Mum swearing at me like its nothing and how her mood will change in a second. She called me a bitch for touching her with my backpack. It barely touched her. That hurt. Then she started acting all nice like nothing had happened. Like if you're gonna call me a bitch then at least say sorry, don't brush it off like it was some casual interaction. It wasn't. She's been doing it more often and i'm tired of it. I just wish i could talk to them without being yelled at or ridiculed.