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im sick of this shit

is anyone else just sick to death about this damn virus. omfg i think i would just rather die then have to listen to this shit one more minute all day everyday all night its the same damn thing i feel that if you are scared fine get a mask hide from the world just done push it on me i hate so many people right now you all do what ou will im not living my life in fear. does anyone else think that this whole thing is a scam. I mean yea there is a virus but are we making it worse then it is. its like when you think your getting sick and then boom your sick or you say that you haven't got a speeding ticket in years then two days latter you get one. i had the virus last november before we really knew what it was i lived it sucked but i lived and i can do it again. i dont do masks if i can help it.i think this is really what america needs we need to thin the hurd. fine yell at me dont agree with me i dont care i think that the fittest will live and the weak well good luck.the gov shut donw the whole world and we just exept it. why do we do this what happened to all the people standing for what they believe. oh i know they only come out when a black guy gets shot. this country sickens me al these people not thinking for themselves. why do all these people go to college and come out like fucking robots. hears an idea for all those people or should i say sheep. if you are all chicken shits just dress up in a huge condom and walk around that way