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i'm so confused oh my god

i (female) have been heavily questioning my sexuality since 6th grade (in 9th grade now). the only women i happen to find attractive are ANIMATED and FICTIONAL. i don't know if that should be considered when figuring out my sexuality. i THINK i might be biromantic asexual bc i can see myself dating any/either gender and i am absolutely horrified of sex. now, there's this classmate who i think is physically attractive. she's very pretty, but i don't know much ab her other than that she plays animal crossing and that she probably likes pokémon. i don't know much ab her personality and i really want to get to know her :(

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3 months ago

Re: i'm so confused oh my god

i'm bi and it took me a long time to figure that out but I did by liking celebrities and a girl in my class so it sounds a little similar. you really don't HAVE to find a label for your sexuality until your certain, you can always just date both genders and see what works out, but it sounds like you're bi. asexual I really wouldn't know but I hope you do figure that out, and you should really talk to that girl, she sounds really cool ;)