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im so f*cking done with everything, im so f*cking done with all of this shit,, im so f*cking done with life and how life throws the biggest shits at me. im so sick and tired of all the people who make my life miserable

i want to die, i want to fucking die,, no one understands all they do is judge judge judge they dont even ask you if somethings wrong they just keep on imposing their beliefs on you,, hell they might not even care if youre suicidal they just tell you that its because of your own doing and that your feelings are not worth it and that youre nothing to them to everyone youre nothing

and you start to believe these things are true because you doubt yourself now and you start to overthink and you just believe you believe what they say cause they play a big role in your life after all,, haha, funny they tell you they endured months just to be with you in this world and how that time is filled with love and joy,, and when you grow up all they say is that they wish youd just be gone away from their sight not even a tiny bit of wanting to understand you