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I’m so lost. I need advice.

Ive been in this relationship for 6 months. At first he was the best thing that I let come into my life so far and had some trust and didn’t care that I hung out with my friends or had social media. It’s all different now. Every other day he wakes up accusing me of leaving in the middle of the night and calling me a whore or even checking the miles on my car every single day. He gets inside my head and manipulates me.. I think? He makes me think everything is my fault and I do and say everything wrong. I will bring up something I know that we did together and he will deny it and say it never happened. I’m sorry I’m not really making sense I’ve just had a lot on my mind for awhile and I don’t know how to put it in words. He hates my best friend for some reason so now I can’t see her or talk to her without him getting upset or trying to leave me. He thinks I’m having sex with anyone that looks at me and it get annoying. He calls me a hoe but he broadcasted himself jerking off on porn websites and got mad at me for being upset. I catch him getting on dating websites or he tells me he got mad at me and tried to find someone new... Now the past couple of days he will spend 4+ hours in the bathroom watching porn and claims it’s to find new things for us to do sexually.. even after I explained to him that it does kind of makes me upset and makes me feel like he doesn’t need me anymore and it makes me feel unimportant or not special... he still does it.. but we do have good times too. I’m afraid I’m too attached or I love him to much to let go. I don’t know if my heart can handle it. The first few months it felt like he was filling the hole in my soul and heart but now I think he’s taking advantage of how much I care for him.