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im so pissed


OK SO if u go on this site u might see the Gaslighting or False Memory post right???\

yea im ToNi i did that

ok so heres more ramblely stuff rather than pls help pls stuff

K sells stuff like kazoos n crap to ppl in school and 2 says they basically kiss her ass cos of it

also i reported shit k did to me right

the teachers would ask me " YOU didnt do anything right????????????????"

i understand theyd need to know but it just ended with "oh K just has a sTrOnG PerSonALiTY" like what?????????????????????????

also my parents and a friend are like "WoWO uR SoOOooOOooOo ObsESSEd Witgh K bidhdfvbhfdbhfvbjk"

well dang

like ok lol xd not like she tells anyone whos not my friend "OMGG ToNi (nickname which is just a pun of my last name cos it sounds like fucking fleshlight apparently) Is SUCH A DUMB IDIOTIC FOOL XDD"

like fr i have ~e v i d e n c e~

like K and 4 random ppl did a storytelling thing and it went like

random person: lmao sporks

K: ToNi (weird ass nickname) MARRIED ( classmate who K also shitted on them) AND GOT JEALOUS SO I SENT 50 BABIES TO GO TO HER HOUSE TO KILL HER

random person 2: *r//pe joke*

K: ToNi WAS SOO JEALOUS OF ( classmate who K also shitted on them) HA- also r*pe joke

like theres ONE person im not friends who says shes annoying too so theres that

i really wish there was someone who had my passion but a better ability to say things

one day

yeah you dont even have to read this im just here to rant

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Re: im so pissed

i didnt mean to spam earlier im so so so so so sorry fuxk

K never ever wants 2 to even imply my existence and then pulls this storytime bs lmao what

K also pays 2 to make fanart of her and whoever she simps for atm

hopfully 2 doesnt get fucked over in the eyeball by her (again)

like im worried that she will fuck him over tho

i mean he doesnt even have to be on my "side" or whatever just hopefully he wont stay on hers and get screwed over