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I’m so scared

I don’t wanna live anymore. i really don’t see a point. i don’t want to tell my mum

because i don’t want her to be mad at me. i know i need help but everyone i talk to says that they have to tell my mum if i’m suicidal. i’m so scared. it been happening for ages and i haven’t told anyone. i always make the joke “i wanna kms” and everyone does the whole “lol same” but i really mean it. i don’t want to

be here anymore. i feel so pressured to do things even though my life is great. i have a loving mother, an amazing sister and incredible friends but i’m constantly sad. i’ve taught myself to put on a mask and pretend like in fine but inside, i’m slowly being eaten but sadness. i don’t know what to do.

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Re: I’m so scared

You need to keep tslking to people who would listen. I have been there and constantly battele with depression. Constantly going to sleep and wanting not to wake up. Contact people who will listen to u. Who have been in your position and who know how you feel. There are many suicide prevention centres. They help. Reach out to them

I know it may be weird at first but a hotline can’t inform your parents so I would really recommend a mental health hotline for depression. There’s some good ones I hear you just have to be sad——- —er um I mean ..confident- enough to look for them.

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