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I'm so sorry

CW:mentions suicide

I'm sorry to those who love me and to those who love to hate me. I can't stand the weight of my failures and broken dreams laughing at me. I wish there was a reset button for me, I know I don't deserve such things, and to be honest my actions can be considered pure escapism. Believing in Reality Shifts and quantum jumps to leave into a desired reality where my failures aren't a thing that they got magically solved by a higher power or dreams granted by just sitting there doing nothing. Hindsight is 20-20 my failures are my mistake, my lack of dreams coming true are my mistake, my broken relationships and ruined friendships are my mistake. I know its extremely pompous of me to write such intense things in a language that isn't my own and somewhere you will probably never get to read. How absolutely selfish of me to use this letter to continue my woe is me narrative. Let's face it nobody likes me and I'm too much of a hassle stop lying to yourselves that you want me in your life, I hope you feel the relief to stop yourselved for forcing the belief you like me, love me or empathize with me. Don't say I was generous , since I'm taking away myself so selfishly. Don't say I was honest , since I'm a thief and a liar. Don't speak good things about me, in general just don't speak about me if you can.

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Re: I'm so sorry

Realising is the first step to changing. But u know have u ever seen a car kick itself when it breaks down. Then human why do u.. the fault is the makers, ur just going to make do with what ur. Make it the best of who ur. I see pompous people oblivious of themselves .. u decide what ur and what ur not.. and what can u change. Every moment alive is a chance to do something u care for. Find what u care for. Even if it’s eating dark chocolates

Baby, listen. I don't know who the hell broke you to make you think this but these shitty feelings will go away I promise. It might seem like it will never end but hun I promise it will. Find a hobby, eat your favorite food, take a warm shower/bath, and about your friends- If they never had the persistence to try and keep their friendship with you now, they were never friends in the first place. You only become weaker if you succumb to your feelings. Please don't leave this world because you have only been focusing on your mistakes; stay here because you know you can make more positives. I believe you will continue to follow your dreams and succeed if you just ask life for one more ounce of strength, but you also have to put in effort yourself. If you're tired of losing, why lose your own life?