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I'm so upset..

My boyfriend of nearly three years broke up with me a few weeks ago. Due to the virus and whatnot, it was over a facetime call which is better than texting in my opinion. We haven't been able to see each other since around March due to quarantine and we've both been busy (Him being busier than I). In January we found that our school would not be reopening next school year and we would have to find new schools to go to for our final year (senior year) of high school. We were both deeply hurt and distraught by this. In March our school was closed due to lockdowns along with the other schools in our area. March 13th was the last time I got to physically see him. Lately, he's been busy working days and because of that, I have gotten a bit upset with him. The day before he broke up with me I had gotten upset with him because he hadn't been around much. We have had our ups and downs but I never wanted to break up. After getting mad at him I felt awful... I never got the chance to apologize.. because he broke up with me. He told me it was due to him being so busy and going to different schools along with needing some to figure himself out with everything going on around him and happening. I understand and respect his decision but I'm so hurt that he didn't tell me how he was feeling before it became so unbearable that he felt the need to break up... I just wish I could've helped him and we could've worked things out before they got this bad. I've never felt so upset over a breakup. He's special to me and I hope there's still a chance for us in the future...