I'm Sorry

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I'm sorry to that person who's gonna marry me. I'm sorry because I know you would be expecting a girl with no pathetic history maybe but I do....I know it was my fault but I didn't know pictures getting leaked will ruin my life...for the past one year I've been thinking now what will happen if someone will get married to be me and this thing came up how will he react what will happen...yes I'm strong right now to handle it because I've no one to lose...but maybe after getting married I'll be scared more maybe i will react in some other way...but trust me I didn't know this was going to happen...I'm just so sorry...everyday I ask this question when will this end....when will I go out not thinking that what if this guy knows something or maybe he saw something....refreshing my social media accounts thinking what if someone texted me asking me about this...I'm scared to open my request messages what if he's back to haunt me what if someone else is their sending me these things....when will this get over.

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