I’m sorry

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I’m suicidal. I can’t carry on this way and I see no way out. I feel like I hurt everyone I ever care about and it’s just best for me to not exist. I want help but I’ve tried before and got nothing from it. I don’t think I can hold on much longer. I want to die so fucking bad and I just want peace and some rest from the pain. I wake up to pain I sleep to pain I have no escape. No reason. I’m empty and sinking actually no I’m not sinking I’ve sunk. My childhood was shitty and abusive and I’m just a product of that sort of environment. I’m a bad person I hurt people and I wish I didn’t but I hurt everyone I touch. I want to live in a secluded area so I can’t hurt anyone else. I’m sorry for existing. I’ve added nothing to this world or society other than pain and that’s my own fault. I blame no one for the way I am because I didn’t help myself and now well now it’s too late. I want someone to come and help and take the pain away however I know that can never happen. I’m doomed to feel like this forever. I’m sorry. I really am.

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