Im sorry

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I need to write him and tell him i am sorry? Sorry only for any disrespect he was shown in accusations?

It had to be done. As a mother, i need to protect me and mine. He was a danger. To our hearts.

He said it could not be done. He couldn't be pushed away.

He did not know the depth of my fear of falling for someone that would not return it.

He didn't understand my need to keep my children from attatching to someone that did not plan on always being a stable daily person in their life.

I am sorry for how i did it.

I am not sorry for why i did it.

We liked u too much, u see?

We came to a point where we needed you.

Just you.

For who you were.

Like a puzzle peice that just fit.

Shit, i miss you

I hope your ok.