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I’m sorry.

Dear my niece,

i’m sorry i failed you. i’m sorry mommy and daddy don’t love you like i do. i’m sorry they took you from us. the day i laid my eyes on you i knew i couldn’t love anyone as much as you. you’re truly a beautiful blessing i thought i would never get. i miss you so much. you’re already 5 months and all i can think about is you. i fear that you’ll grow up and never know how much i love you. i fear that i’ll never get to see you again. i fear that you’ll grow up in a cold world not knowing anything about yourself and those who truly love you. I’m so sorry i couldn’t do better. i love you so much princess. my heart aches for you. i NEED you. the day i found out i was going to be an aunt i cried and cried. i heard your heartbeat and felt so happy and blessed. I SAW YOUR FACE and never wanted to let go. mommy and daddy ruined everything. they’re too selfish to have you. i don’t know what to do. this is such a terrible pain my heart literally aches for you. i’m so sorry 💔