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I'm sorry

To mom n dad,

Im sorry for being a little dumb.

Im sorry because I jobless at this moment.

Im sorry because my result is the only one that is not good unlike your other children.

Im sorry because I cannot give you any money.

Im sorry because im not good enough.

Im sorry because i am fat and ugly. Not good at dressing up.

Im sorry because im not rich.

Im sorry because i dont have a job now.

Im sorry because burdens you.

Im sorry for always eat your food.

Im sorry because make you look like not good at raise me.

Im sorry for existing.

To siblings,

I know, im not good like you guys. Im sorry for being a little more dumb than you guys.

Im sorry for not dressing up when we go out.

Im sorry because i am ugly and fatthan you guys.

Im sorry because finished your food when you don't want anymore.

To my cats,

Thank you for accepting who I am, even though I'm not the one give you food.

Thank you for make me feel like that you really need me.

Im sorry, i don't have money to take you to clinic.

I love you panda buruk kecik tiger gray budak kecik 3 ekor n mak milo kucing jalanan.

Im sorry for not good enough.

- Hyunnis (Human)

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Re: I'm sorry

You are amazing, and will be the best.

no matter how things seem like now, its not the reality of a whole life. Just a phase.

remember ‘This too shall pass’

there is a lot of love to give and receive, remember if you ever feeling low, give love to someone in the same situation and you will feel better.