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i'm sorry

i'm sorry to whoever's reading this. i really wanted to tell someone this but i don't want to burden anyone so i'm just going to say it where no one knows who i am. i'm planning to die tonight. i'll finally be free and happy !! isn't that great? i'm going to miss everyone... especially a specific person... if he's reading this right now, i'm so sorry that i'm leaving. i love you so much and don't ever blame yourself for my death, i chose to do this. please don't stop loving me, i'll find you again, i promise. in another life, i'll be with you again and no one can tell us otherwise.

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Re: i'm sorry

I don't know if ya'll be able to read this, but dude if end your life tonight, remember that none of the people that had died with suicide has told you that it was a happy ending or it'll really gonna be a happy escape. I'm not gonna stop you co'z at the end of the day the choice is in your hands, but I'm telling this to you co'z I don't want you to regret at the very end.. A regret that ya'll be living forever and will never be change..

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