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I'm sorry for not being useful but please

I'm 16 years old this year. I wish to have a normal life, a happy family with no worries and being the youngest that all my family would be proud of. Reality hurts doesn't it, I'm just useless, having examination nearing but nothing i studied went inside my brain. Having this family around me for granted , because I can't do anything for them. I reallyy really wish that someone will ask me if I'm fine, like how u watch in the dramas,but i realise this is reality.

The reality is that I'm alone. I live by myself.

I don't mind if they don't show they care, but can those around me atleast ask me whether I'm fine or do I feel like dying.

Just please, I'm just tired

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Re: I'm sorry for not being useful but please

Hi there! Just know that you aren't in this world to be "useful" for other people's benefits and agenda. Focus on what you want, and a few years later, you won't regret it. School is hard, yes. But I do believe that your family's expectations of you is a big part of why you're so stressed right now. If communicating with them is hard, just know that there are people in your life that cares about you. Even I, a complete stranger, already cares much about you. And honestly, it's a good thing that you acknowledge how things aren't fine and it's not all glitter and glamor. I hope you feel better when you read this. I am willing to talk you through the process of dealing with all of the pressure you're feeling ❤️

Hey you are so worth it. You are not useless. There is so much more to life. And you know what not only you but we all are alone here. Even if we are surrounded by 5 members of our family or a hundred people in a party, or thousands of people in public the reality is we are alone, we are alone in this journey of life, we have to walk by ourselves. I'm also a 16 year old like you and I've learned to accept that no one's gonna come to ask us how do we feel, because we are all alone. I know it's sad and how desperate we are for someone to stand and fight for us or to take care of us or to share our load.. but the reality is we have to learn to walk alone and start loving ourselves. You are not useless. Life is so big. You cannot loose hope <3

love <3