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i'm sorry my love.

i'm sorry i can't always be at my best for you when you most need it. i'm sorry i can't eat i'm sorry i can't find the right words, i'm sorry i'm always distracted i'm sorry i can't be physically there i'm sorry i overwhelm you sometimes, i'm sorry i can't properly return the way you feel i'm sorry i can't properly tell you how i feel, i'm sorry. i'm just trying to keep the remaining grip i have on myself. i wish i could be better for you. i wish i could be as kind and as loving as you. you're smart yet you're humble. you're absolutely stunning yet you're so insecure. you're sad yet you're able to make me the happiest in the world. you're so broken yet it feels like you're able to put me together; why can't i do the same? i'm sorry i suck at showing you how much you really mean to me 'cause you're my whole world and i love you so much.