I’m still tired

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You fuckin kill me. I never had to have a therapist before you. I never had a psychiatrist before YOU. Never took drugs every day. Except what I liked. For FUN. Not to make it thru the god damn day. Not a dependent situation. That’s how you leave everything isn’t it? A dependent situation. You like to take something NOT dependent. Make it dependent. The shun it for BEING dependent. I swear to god I hope you get your fuckin rocks off that way. Because I refuse to help you feel sexually fulfilled when I feel like a god damn red headed step child when it comes to YOUR love life. I’m sure I only come up when you feel aroused by outside situations. And good on you. Cause if there were an opposite feeling to sexuality; that’s how I feel about you right now. You’re unsexier than my fuckin mom. You collectively make my fuckin skin crawl. You want to know why I can’t be around you. Big fuckin clue here. You remind me of everything I never ever should have agreed to. I should have run away screaming ten years ago. Then you wouldn’t have this awful

problem of “Me”. What an asshole. Hates living with her inlaws and retarded brother she always wants to be drunk and not all up in her constant problems. What? You thought she’d be all happy and grateful?not she’s a super bitch whi is somehow unhappy with it all. What a massive cunt.