I'm straight but I fcked man before

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I love sex. Any shape or form of it. As long as I cum I love it. So I started having deep fantasies about shemales, trannys, Tgirls, whatever you'd like to call them. There sexual feminine figure with a dick attached is a big turn on. Watching them ride me while their dick moves. So I hopped on online dating apps or escort sites and look specifically for that. Unfortunately they dont always look like there pictures. Most still look very manly even tho there pictures are photoshopped to look feminine. I still fuck with them. It starts with me sitting down or laying back and letting them gjve me the best blow jobs of my life. Thats how I started. At first I told my self just get the blow job, cum, and get out. But after arousal i just want a tight hole to put it into. Something about giving it to another men makes me feel so powerful. Oh and the moaning so hot. It started with that and then I just started to accept random request to meet from gay man on dating apps. The promise of sex was such a turn on. I even go to gay clubs at times by myself at times just to find a little bitch boy to take to a room and rub our bulges together. I love getting hit on. Oh and by The way I'm married and I love my wife. Women still turn me on. Ive only licked one dick now( the taste is nasty and I couldnt take him all the way in my mouth) , I've hand job plenty, I'm to scared to try getting fucked up my ass but I have fantasies about it to.