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im stupid

why the hell do i still spend my time and money you? i guess there’s always a part of me that wished you wanted to get back together but seeing under girls’ replies hitting on them is just too much for me now. i unfollowed you and ive been considering asking for us to stop being fwb. im too weak for this shit. it’s unfair because you already detached yourself from. it was my first relationship and ive learned not to get attached to people. i don’t even get anything return. not even a nice comment or gift. you always say teasing is the way you show love but i never get the good part of it. you’re always nice to our friends but not me. you always say you’re going to get me something. i haven’t gotten anything from you except empty promises and mcdonalds. didn’t get anything for christmas, our anniversary, or my birthday. i always go the extra mile for you but i don’t even get the bare minimum. im so pissed at myself for still letting you get to me. im fucking stupid.