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I'm a 24 year old lady and I'm tired of being alone, loneliness sucks. When will I ever find true love? I mean, is a little happiness too much to ask for??? I feel withdrawn from everything and everyone, I need someone to give me a shoulder to neal on 😒! Cause right now everything is weighing heavy on me, I'm just a sad soul trying to find love, my heart needs to feel warmth at least for once, it's been too dark for a while now, I need a light. Anyone for the rescue?

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Re: I'M TIRED πŸ˜”

sometimes its better to wait for the right person than to try so hard. as incredible as it is to have someone who loves and cares for you, the stress of messing up and losing them can be overwhelming.

There is no need to rush love. 24 is still young and you have plenty of time. work on appreciating the things you already have, instead of wishing for something different.

My parents married in their very early 20's and it went really badly. I'm not saying that's what happens to everyone, just an example that waiting a little doesn't hurt anybody. they both agree that it would've been better if they had waited, at least to have children.

This is just a suggestion based on my experience. you don't have to take it seriously. personal experiences teach better then other peoples. good luck finding whatever or whoever makes you happy.

I hear ya girl and I can testify, feeling much of what your expressing as well..If ya hang HERE long ,you'll see every word and feel the true conveying emotion in every post that reads MUCH like yours, and 95% are from you lady's.(VERY "telling" about the guys....).Seeking love /companionship here in the 21st you'd think would be a breeze? Im mean , w/ all the social media? Being able to connect instantly w /anyone, no matter your "in person" social skills, or lack there of ? A virtual sea of humanity at the click of Z mouse, 24/7 is at your beck &call... And look at this humanity we have to choose from?..We got fat kids , skinny kids . kids who climb on ROCKS... Tough kids, sissy kids, even kids w/ chick POX so?..LOL

(eeek! datin myself here.) SO?.......what could be the major malfunction here? What age groups is this dehumanizing isolation of virtual imprisonment, comprised of a swipe R/ swipe L , BLOCK /DELETE impersonalized interaction effecting? From what I witness on HERE, its predominately female and under 40....Hmmm?... 2 generations....From my personal calculations, noting the beginning of the ever so popular "Social Engineering" process, starting in the mid 80s, Id say it adds up PERFECTLY...Hangin here 3 months on a daily basis, after posting my own article, confirms it, making it undeniable from "MY" POV...

Girl, being a 20 C hopeless romanantic, who's "Emotional Quotient" was formed /molded/shaped by the 70s love song era, rescuing you would definitely be possible!... with ONE of us...most likely ME, being on cloud 9, heading over the moon for just the chance at such a "rescue". However?.... being theres been 13,140 more MOONS Ive seen than you, my heart and soul would be perfect candidates for this rescue,in their emotional condition, but FATHER TIME and its noteable effect on the carcass, ( not too bad...LOL)and my proximity to mortality which says... NOT SO FAST...LOL....

Yeah girl, Ive replied a few times to posts like yours and I think we ALL , no matter your age, have to think outside the box now to find our hearts desire. Ive always been very much an outdoor activitys/sports / nature person so Im steppin up MY game, becoming the EXtrovert I thought Id never BE, by kickin into "survival mode" creating "chance meetings" out at the State Parks/ Forests where many young ppl are flocking since Covid creating record attendances. Theyve stepped up NEW program activity's in many categorys like Nature Walks, Disc Golf is REALLY taking off, hiking/ biking trail additions, volley ball clubs and other park foundation activitys SO, this might be an avenue for ya to explore?..Ive personally witnessed 2-3 maybe 4 potential hook ups in the 20s age group at MY local park hangout..Theres been about 4 guys on here posting in the last 2 months ,your age, who would be PERFECT for this rescue!..Their post reads MUCH like yours...Yeah, I feel for ya....The loneliness we're ALL feeling is just one of the manifestations of victimhood of the 21st C "Syndrome" The virtual SEA of dehumaniTY.... Fastly removing the 'HUMAN".. from human being...I hope 2021 will bring about positive change for ya girl, fulfilling your hearts desire in all ways !