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im tired and just want to share this heh

tbh i dont even know whats wrong with me i just found this site because im just im i dont know i think i want calm myself byu sharing my thoughts here its a im a highschooler typical boring teenager were not that rich but i can afford certain things even a computer i have a nice life tbh my dad and my mom seperated and i kinda feel nothing my older sibling seem to be more affected than me maybe because im not fully attach to my parents unlike my older brother and sister they are very open to them and im left out im distant to my family and i dont mind really i love piece and being alone the thing is even if i dont really have a big problem like the other people i feel down and i feel extreme sadness for no reason and i feel empty nothing interest me anymore i dont know how to deal with this problem i dont know what is it but i think theres something missing in life. ;<