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I'm tired.

Hi, it's my first time writing here. I am a 19 year-old girl. This feeling started year 2018. It was our sembreak, I was so tired of everything around me: school, judgments, expectations and all. I wanted to die but I don't know how to do it. It's already 2020 and I still have this feeling of hanging myself or cutting my wrist or even taking some pills and drugs. I just wanna die. I wanna end my life here. It's just that I don't have someone to talk to. And also I'm afraid that they will judge me for being selfish and too sensitive with everything. Even my family doesn't care about my feelings. They always make fun of me, treating me like their slaves, making me do all the works, shouting at me with no reasons, making me feel stupid and useless. They are also mad if I try to speak what I feel. I am so "sensitive" , that's what they will always say. But they never ask me what I feel, why I always cry, why I always make mistakes and why I always forget things. I just wanna die. That's all. I wanna die. Help me. Help me please.


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Re: I'm tired.

Talk to your family doctor. As soon as I talked to mine, I got help right away, for a lot of the same symptoms. If you're not comfortable with your dr. Because he's a guy or for any other reason, book an appointment with a female dr. If you think your parents might find out, go to a different dr clinic. And whichever dr you talk to, also tell them that you are being mentally and verbally abused at home and ask if there is any help they can provide. And look for help lines. There's help lines for teens, ones for adults that would still help a teen if required. Whatever you do, do not hurt yourself or worse.

I am really sorry about the ignorance of your family. I am also sorry for my english its not my mother language. I read your story and im also a girl while ive also harmed myself multiple times. It sucks to feel alone, that no one understands you. You are not selfish you are nowhere near sensitive. You are really strong for going through these things. I think that its good to look at the worst things in life, like cancer, war etc and maybe apreciate that you are alive even if youd rather not to. Go out, even on your own, try new things, focus on yourself, fuck everyone else, fuck your family, fuck everyone.. Everyone faces their problems and you gotta face those fucking thoughts on your own. I want to be realistic and not say those things like "you are not alone im sure your friends care about you", fuck them all. You got the power, you make your choices. Be proud of where youve reached, be proud of everything youve done, every little thing. Rememeber that there are uncountable things that you havent experienced yet and be that strong powerful independent bitch.