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I'm tired

This is probably a ramble post but I wanna write something.

I don't really know why but I noticed my mental health has gone down the past few days. Like, I felt okay while I had my annoying tests but now I just feel like crap.

I can usually ignore these bad feelings and go along with my day but ever since my last test I almost break down every time I have the small inconveniences. No joke. Like I almost broke down when I lost a pencil.

Along side that, when I get left alone with my own thoughts, I tend to blank out for hours at a time or freak out at every sound and moving thing, thinking it's a burglar or murderer or a ghost or demon (childish, I know) and I try to freak out quietly, so I don't alarm my family, because I *sort of* knew they weren't real. (These things would usually happen at like 2 am but from time to time may happen during the afternoon or early evening, never morning tho)

Now its been a week since the damned tests, I'm trying to surround myself in positivity but I dunno if it's working or not. I mean, I found out Mother Mother's It's Alright is my comfort song but that's just it.

I get more of those tingly scared feelings more often now. I think I'm having some sort of burn out and I'm pretty sure my grades dropped? Idk. A lot of things just don't feel worth it anymore.

Does anyone have any tips for any of these?

Or maybe you can recommend me some of your comfort songs(any song that calms you)?

I'd be happy to get any sort of reply to this❤️

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Re: I'm tired

youve made the first step to managing your emotions. Writing this down is so helpful in the first step of rationalising your feelings.

Try to remember, these are feelings, feelings are there to be felt. We often tell ourselves that we can only absorb and fully experience happy emotions, therefore fear negative ones. Life is not like this. Allow yourself to feel, good or bad, and at the end you will realise you’re still here. You haven’t exploded. You’re going to be ok ❤️