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Im Tired Of Yall Sad Asses

Go smoke some weed or go have a drink. Stop telling people youre going to kill yourself no one or anything on this earth us worth you killing yourself. Nothing. Life can be super fucked up and super unreasonable its ths nature of the beast. WhenI have to work and deal with these bipolar rednecks I laugh at them in my mind because I pity them. They were never taught how to conduct themselves but do I want to off myself for having a shitty job NO! People are shit love yourselves. Please.

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Re: Im Tired Of Yall Sad Asses

You're not helping. It's not that easy for some people. Have a little compassion. It costs you nothing. People vent here because it's safe. They don't have to deal with people like you. What you're saying is exactly why people need a safe place like this. And by the way, you probably have a shitty job because if your shitty attitude.

Heres the difference between me and you....Idgaf about what people think. Call me a sociopath. My motto is fuck the world and that motto works. Do you think if I go somewhere else it wont be shitty? It will always be shitty because people in general are fake af and shitty. As long as Im around other dumb ass sheeples it will always be shitty. TV and social media portrays life to be something it is not. Life is not all flowers and sunshine its ok to have Emotions. You dont have to take pills or die......because you had a bad day the shit is normal. People are literally planning death dates on this site and THAT is abnormal AF all Im saying is do whatever the fuck you have to do to Cope.

To people replying to this person, they are just as broken as us , show then what they can't seem to show to others. Maybe then they'll learn ...

Person .. I'm sorry life has been unkind to you to make you feel you had to come on here and take out your frustrations on people who probably understand your pain not than your immediate circle. I hope it gets better whatever it is and that something makes you smile and feel genuinely happy in this lifetime ... I see you we all do , it's okay to hurt just don't direct it at the undeserving. Okay

All love